Top 3 Benefits Of Pain Management Program At Rehab Center IN San Diego

National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that 116 million people suffer from chronic pain in the United States. Out of these up to a big percentage becomes dependent on medication. You may have thought at some point that you had your painkiller addiction under control, but most likely it has escalated. For this reason, the top rehab center in San Diego, Pacific Bay Recovery offers pain management and treatment programs along with de-addiction and detox.


Pain management at San Diego is a great program that is fully integrated into a drug rehab treatment plan to help you get better in mind, body, and spirit. An integrated pain treatment program at Pacific Bay Recovery, San Diego will address:

  • Your Pain and Its Cause
  • Medication Dependence and Addiction Issues
  • Co-occurring Medical and Psychological Conditions
  • Physical and Functional Restoration Addressing the Whole Person


Through a variety of activities and therapies, you can program your brain to manage pain without drugs. Pain management at San Diegos leading rehab, Pacific Bay Recovery includes gentle movement exercises from the disciplines of aqua therapy, yoga, and personal training to help you gain strength, flexibility, and confidence. Non-opioid pain medications and complementary treatments like physical restorative therapy and hypnotherapy may be combined with pain medication to control your need for pharmaceuticals. Services at pain management assist you in building the psychological, behavioral, and life skills you need to live pain-free.


A highly qualified team of professionals helps you achieve drug-free pain treatment at Pacific Bay Recovery San Diego. The rehab offers the services of –

  • Board-certified physicians
  • Licensed drug and alcohol counselors
  • Licensed psychologists
  • Registered nurses
  • Licensed mental health counselors
  • Licensed addiction specialists
  • Licensed social workers
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