Top 3 Drugs That Assist In Drug Detox At Drug Rehab

Medications can be very effective in helping patients to detoxify from drugs and alcohol. Drug Detox San Diego uses medical detox to wean patients off the abused drug. The following drugs might assist with detox at drug rehab in San Diego.


Used commonly for the treatment of opiate addiction, methadone is only taken under the supervision of a medical professional. Methadone doesn’t show euphoric effects and helps to

  • Decrease drug cravings.
  • Alleviate withdrawal symptoms.


Buprenorphine is sometimes prescribed separately orin combination with Suboxonefor the treatment of opioid dependence.At Drug Detox San Diego at Pacific Bay Recovery, buprenorphineis used to treat opioid addiction.It

  • Decreases cravings.
  • Reduces withdrawal symptoms.
  • Prevents overdose and abuse.
  • Decrease the risk of abuse, in combination with Suboxone.


Naltrexone binds to opioid receptors in the brain to block the effects of opiate drugs and prevents relapse. Naltrexone has also been shown to be effective in alcohol detox. In both cases it can help to reduce cravings at Drug Detox San Diego, Pacific Bay Recovery. Naltrexone doesn’t cause withdrawal symptoms with cessation of use.

Drug detox is the first and one of the most important steps in de-addiction treatment at the best drug rehab in San Diego, Pacific Bay Recovery. It determines how effective the rehab would be.To find out more about benefits of drug rehab in San Diego, Pacific Bay Recovery, call 858-263-9700 or visit NOW.

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