Understanding Alcohol Addiction Treatment – 5 Most Important Answer

Alcoholics often think they can stop whenever they want but that is far from true. If you or a loved one has a drinking problem, you need professional help at an alcohol addiction treatment center. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions on alcohol treatment.

What treatment is provided at alcohol detox and addiction treatment centers?

Treatment involves managing withdrawal, providing behavioral therapies, advising, group counseling, mental stability exercises, and physical activities. These therapies help promote health and develop the mind-body healing process required for a recovering alcoholic.

Does the alcohol treatment center help with lifestyle change?

Changing one’s habits and lifestyle to a healthy one is an important part of avoiding relapse. The addiction counselors equip you with the tools and skills needed to change. An inpatient setting provides counseling on healthy habits for sleep, exercise, and diet.

Who helps with my treatment and care?

The first step in treatment is a detox program under the care of a case manager and doctor. Along with mental
health providers, the team works with you to identify problems, issues, and goals.

What will I do?

In an inpatient alcohol addiction treatment program, such as at Pacific Bay Recovery in San Diego, the person is given chores to do, as part of life skills training. In addition, the rehabilitation process involves writing or telling others about your experiences, as well as responses to treatments.

Will I be given any medications?

Mediations may be used to help you stay off alcohol initially. Commonly used drugs include Vivitrol and Revia (naltrexone) to reduce the craving for alcohol. Another medication that curbs the desire to drink is Campral (acamprosate).

To seek alcohol addiction treatment in San Diego, call Pacific Bay Recovery at 858-263-9700 or visit pacificbayrecovery.com.

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