What Does the First Week of Recovery Look Like?

Taking the first steps toward addiction recovery can be very difficult for an addict.  This is in part because they do not know what to expect from the process.  Addicts may experience fear, anxiety, and nervousness when thinking about what the recovery process may look like.  Often, these negative emotions stop the addict from seeking help.  However, understanding what a week in recovery looks like may help an addict to feel more at ease when reaching out for help.

The first day of recovery includes a lot of administrative work.  Typically the patient will meet with an intake director.  The intake director will record information about the patient and determine whether or not medical detox is needed.  Also, the intake director will help explain to the patient the steps of recovery, and what to expect of the time spent in the facility.  Next, the patient is typically introduced to their caseworker.  This caseworker serves as the patient’s point of contact throughout the recovery process.  Patients are also introduced to a physician who will oversee the patient’s care and prescribe any medications, or supervise medical detox when necessary.

Day two and three require the patient to begin their daily recovery routine.  This includes participation in individual and group treatment plans and programs along with a vitals assessment.  Also, the patient will meet with a doctor in this period to ensure physical status is strong, and mental status is healthy.  Every person’s body reacts differently to stressors, and there can be lots of changes during the first week.  For this reason, it is important to ensure the patient is closely monitored by medical professionals.

During the fourth day, patients can attend outside recovery meetings, as long as they are accompanied by an escort.  Patients are also able to participate in men’s or women’s groups, along with participating in alternative treatments.  These alternative treatments can be anything from yoga to tai-chi.  Often, a combination of medication, therapy, and alternative treatments yields the best results for patients.  Alternative therapies can help the patient to be more mindful and to remain calm during a very stressful period.

During the fifth day, patients can expect to participate in outside meditation sessions, group meetings, and various physical development routines.  On day six, patients will continue to practice alternative therapies, while also focusing on self-development.  The goal is to begin transitioning the patient to a more normal and healthy lifestyle.

On the seventh day of recovery, patients will spend the morning meditating.  They will also attend group meetings and participate in aftercare.  In the afternoon, patients will enjoy a day of beach activities to celebrate making it through the first week of recovery.

Many patients find themselves feeling very scared and anxious before starting the recovery process.  This is common whenever beginning a new venture.  However, once patients understand the process of recovery, they are often put at ease.  Recovery is simply a more structured way of living, with an abundance of resources, to help patients live their best and healthiest lives.

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