What is a Holistic Approach For Substance Abuse?

There are several factors contributing to alcohol and drug addiction, including environmental and genetic influences, preexisting mental health conditions, and socioeconomic status, but the majority of professionals in the addiction industry agree that there are 4 main addiction stages, (which we’ll cover below). Not everyone in the initial two substance abuse stages will develop an addiction; however, people in the 3rd stage are likely to progress into full addicts.

Levels of Substance Abuse

Understanding the following stages is an important step in recognizing that you might have a serious problem and getting help before the substance abuse turns into an addiction. If, after you read this post, you feel like you or a family member might be showing addiction symptoms, reach out to a member of our staff here at Pacific Bay Recovery concerning drug addiction treatment in San Diego.


One tricky aspect of addiction is realizing that oftentimes the initial samples of alcohol or drugs generate few or no negative results. Experimentation, (voluntary drug use without having any negative legal or social consequences), is frequently accepted or encouraged, especially among young adults. The individual using the substance mainly sees this case of getting drunk or high as a one-time occurrence, without realizing that it’s precisely what opens up the door to the spiral of addiction. The people who have the ability to stop using on their own will do so, while the ones who think substance abuse will go on to solve their problems or make them feel good will progress to the following phase of regular use.

Regular Use

Some individuals might have the ability to be involved in the regular use of alcohol or drugs without the development of an addiction, but the risk for dependence vastly increases within this stage. Substance use becomes an additional part of the routine and, before it is possible to stop using, you are fooled into thinking that you can easily quit. Some folks in this stage might develop feelings of shame or guilt for their behavior yet usually will go on to make excuses or justify it.

High-Risk Use

What began as a temporary escape from reality now is more important than any other facet of your life, and you start becoming either unaware or unafraid of the results of your behavior. Cravings start becoming unbearable, and they might get you to do things you would not usually do just to get more alcohol or drugs.


When the last stage is reached, you’ve entered addiction and full dependency on the substance. It is no longer a question of whether or not you are addicted to alcohol or drugs. When you do not get them, your body informs you by way of symptoms such as sweats, shakes, tremors, and other types of frantic behavior.

What is Holistic Addiction Treatment?

Typically, traditional addiction treatment is a combination of medication, group therapy, and individual therapy. Holistic addiction treatment centers like the ones at our detox in San Diego center, provide those therapies in addition to alternative approaches. Those might involve experiential therapies such as psychodrama, art therapy, adventure therapy, EMDR, and yoga. Experiential therapies assist you in recognizing the link between your behaviors, body, and thoughts.

In the past couple of decades, alternative and experiential therapies have now become more practiced in treatment settings. Such therapies complement traditional techniques by addressing a person’s “whole self.” That’s why treatment facilities with those options are occasionally called holistic.

Holistic addiction treatment assists you in processing emotions in various ways. Also, they teach you healthy ways to prevent relapse. Attention to exercise, nutrition, stress, and sleep pattern management are all critical in recovery.

Holistic therapies will support those healthy life staples by teaching you new ways of coping.

Efficiency and Importance of Detox to a Successful Recovery

 When you experience alcohol or any other type of drug addiction, step one in recovery is detoxification. Addiction will cause both mental and physical problems. It isn’t easy to quit taking drugs; therefore, you should undergo detoxification and later on, rehab. Detoxification is the safe removal of alcohol and drugs from the system. Detoxification goes along with medicine to make the process comfortable, secure, and easy.

Thankfully, no matter what stage of addiction you are in, help is out there. Addiction is a progressive condition that only grows worse if left untreated. If you are prepared to confess that there is a problem and embark on the path to recovery, talk with one of our compassionate Detox in San Diego counselors right away about substance use recovery.

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