What Is The Difference Between Short Term vs. Long Term Rehab?

If you have an addiction problem that you cannot control despite efforts, you need professional help at a drug rehab. A rehab center has addiction specialists to help you safely get off drugs or alcohol and stay off.

If you or a loved one is planning to check into a rehab center, you should be aware that you can choose between short term and long term rehab. Here are the differences between the two types of rehab.

Short Term Rehab

Short term rehab program is not necessarily less intensive. Short term rehab is best suited to people who are battling addiction. A short duration drug rehab program will provide a medical detox to get the patient safely off of drugs or alcohol. The withdrawal symptoms and cravings experienced by the patient will be managed under medical supervision.

The benefits of short-term rehab include –

• The patient becomes drug-free in the short term
• Medical supervision
• Less time consuming
• Can be continued into a long term rehab for further treatment

The disadvantage of short term rehab is the lack of focus on addressing and healing psychological, emotional and behavioral issues that may have contribute to addiction. Relapse is highly likely.

Long Term Rehab

Long-term rehab programs are usually 90 days or more. Such programs involve medical detox, counseling and therapy to address underlying mental, emotional and behavioral issues that may be contributing to the addiction. The benefits include –

• Relapse prevention strategies help the patient off drugs or alcohol even after s/he has left the rehab
• Coping skills training to prevent the person going back to substance abuse
• Treatment of behavioral and psychological issues along with the addiction treatment
• Relapse is least likely

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