Why it is Important to seek Individualized Addiction Treatment?

With advancements in drug and alcohol addiction treatment, it has become increasingly clear that is that there is no “one size fits all” approach to treatment. Even for people who are struggling with addiction to the same substance, treatment may vary.

Causes of Addiction

People may develop substance use disorders for a variety of reasons. Some may be genetically predisposed to addiction while others may have been prescribed painkillers after an injury and they became dependent on the drug. Yet others may have started drinking excessively after a traumatic incident, depression or other mental health issues. And, many people may even be dealing with a combination of these problems.

To determine the most effective treatment plan, addiction professionals need –

  • an understanding of the person’s family history
  • personal background
  • current environment

Customized, Comprehensive Approach

Trusted rehabs offer a variety of treatment options to address the needs of people at all stages of recovery. Generally, the patient goes through –

  • a comprehensive assessment
  • working with each client to create a treatment plan that works for them – personalized.

Personalized Treatment

The rehab will determine the type and frequency of services, and whether you need any medication. Treatment and therapy is also provided to address the client’s mental health needs and all this is done in an integrated manner.

You can seek individual, group, and family counselling. Some people respond more positively to individual sessions, whereas others do well in a group environment. In addition, peer recovery support helps in sustaining long-term recovery.

One of the biggest benefits of a personalized treatment plan is that it addresses your specific needs and goals. It can even be changed overtime, as you improve, or relapse, or as new problems arise in your personal life.

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