Building a Meaningful Life without Drugs

You may ask yourself, “How do I live without drugs and alcohol?” When much of your time has been spent searching for a substance and feeding your addiction, you often start wondering what your life might be without the drugs or alcohol. You think to yourself life is going to be terrible, and “How can I do it without my fix.” Many addicts become so dependent on the drugs and alcohol to get up and started with daily duties and tasks, that they know no other way. The drugs often keep one going during the day, and alcohol is used to go to sleep. Then, the vicious cycle starts again the next day.

Step 1: Facing Fears and Accountability

The good news is that there is hope. You will need to face your fear, and sometimes, this is done alone. Your journey will be long, stressful, and difficult, but this is all part of your recovery. Others can help you deal with addiction, but in the end, you have to conquer it mostly by yourself. What helps many addicts is setting little goals to achieve so he or she feels that they are beating the addiction to alcohol and drugs. There will be good days and many bad ones. You will give in to the voice in your head sometimes, but don’t give up to the cravings and urges. Rather, call a friend or sponsor and be accountable for your actions so you can restart your recovery.

Step 2: Changing Habits

The second step to living a drug- and alcohol-free life is changing habits and getting rid of all old reminders of the addiction. Replace them with healthy reminders of why you are doing this rebuilding of your life without the drugs and/or alcohol. Try to think back before the days of the drugs and alcohol. What made you happy? What was fun before your addiction? Your new lifestyle is going to be frustrating to you, all your old friends are still using and you are not. Just give it time, as it will take a while for you to find new friends that enjoy your new hobbies and activities. Also, surround yourself with people that support you. Sometimes, when we set new goals, we get very excited and go all out. Don’t push it on others, as friends or family will come to you in time.

Step 3: Turn to Family

For many addicts, family is motivation to get clean and sober. Admitting to them that you are an addict is the hardest thing you will ever do. But by getting them to help in your recovery, you can then build a new life that is prosperous and full of happiness — a life with meaning, substance, and growth. For many families, the answer is to join a church recovery program or enroll in an outreach program where there were other recovering drug and alcohol addicts with many years of sobriety. Having these people to talk with and learn about addiction is helpful, as they have many similar experiences as you. For building a new life without drugs and alcohol, the best thing to remember is never to stop trying. You need to find your own path, style, and way.

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