How to Detox Your Liver From Alcohol Without 30 Day Rehab Programs

In the past few years, more and more scrutiny has been placed on America’s addiction to short rehab programs. Countless articles have why the current 30-day trend is outdated, expensive, and has poor rates of return. Some estimate that only 10% of addicts going into a 30-day rehab program will stay sober. In an interview with Slate magazine, one Outpatient clinic owner noted: “You don’t treat chronic illness with 30 days of intensive rehab – that’s absurd”. He’s got a point. The real question is what’s the solution? Luckily there are other options on how to detox your liver from alcohol.

Learning New Habits in Quitting Alcohol and Drugs

Let’s face it, quitting alcohol and drugs, is very hard or everyone would be doing it. To kick a habit, a person goes through withdrawals, suffers depression, and has severe mood changes. What you do during these times is critical to your health and recovery. Knowing the habits that caused addiction will help, and learning new healthy habits is the best way to say goodbye to drugs and/or alcohol for good.

Facts on Alcohol and Drug Detox from a San Diego Addiction Center

Many people go through detoxification (detox), whether it is related to alcohol or drugs. It is a fact you can die from alcohol detox, due to the lack of the alcohol chemical the body has been used to for some time. Going through this alcohol detox, canstockphoto43350234around 5 percent of all heavy alcoholics will die. This is significant number, especially considering that 2.5 million alcoholics seek substance abuse treatment each year in America alone.

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