What is Intensive Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment?

Outpatient substance abuse rehab involves the patient traveling to a center to attend therapy sessions and can return home the same day. While you may be discharged from inpatient rehab because you are doing well enough to go home, you may still need ongoing support … Read more

Prescription Painkiller Abuse – Warning Signs

Prescription painkillers may prove effective in chronic pain relief. They are often the first line of defense against pain. While these drugs are legal when properly prescribed by a doctor, they can be highly addictive. So how do you know when you or a loved … Read more

Medical Marijuana: A Safer Solution to Opioids?

Drug overdose is a major problem in the United States. Illicit and prescription drug abuse has plagued our country for years, and now, the statistics apply to professional athletes. In a recent survey of more than 150 NFL players, the use of chemical opioids was extremely common and encouraged by some league physicians. The addiction qualities of opioid painkillers are basically a Russian Roulette for some pain sufferers, however.

Finding Support during the Recovery Process

Millions of recovering drug and alcohol addicts suffer daily the United States. According to the National Institutes of Health, around 7 million people are users of psychotherapeutic drugs that are taken illegally or non-medically. These drugs include pain relievers, tranquilizers, sedatives, and stimulants. Also, the … Read more

3 Proven Rehab Treatment Programs

Regardless of how you got addicted to a drug or alcohol, seeking addiction treatment at a reputed rehab is indispensable. Your addiction treatment center at San Diego will make a great difference to your overall outcomes and recovery. If you or someone you know is … Read more

Answers To The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Drug Rehab

What Is Drug Rehab? Drug rehab or rehabilitation is the process of treatment and recovery from drug abuse or addiction. Drug rehab programs can be either inpatient or outpatient. They provide services for medical detoxification, psychological treatment and counseling andongoing support programs. Who Should Go … Read more

What Does a Drinking Problem Look Like?

Alcohol addiction is one of the most prevalent forms of substance abuse, primarily due to easy availability and social acceptance. Fortunately, it also has the highest success rate when it comes to addiction treatment. Excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to – • muscle atrophy … Read more

How Pain Affects Your Body and Mind

EFFECTS OF PAIN ON THE BODY & MIND Chronic pain can be the result of aging joints, injury, inflammation, overuse, or compressed nerves. Overwhelming, intense pain can even make everyday life difficult. Those who use prescription medication to keep the pain at bay are vulnerable to tolerance and … Read more

What Does Alcohol Do To Your Body?

The Effects of Alcohol On Your Body Drinking alcohol affects every organ in your body. It also adversely affects you psychologically, emotionally, and socially. Read on to know more about the effects of alcohol on your body and mind. The Brain Alcohol is a central … Read more

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