Challenges in Dating a Drug User

People who struggle with drug and alcohol addictions face a number of challenges in their daily life. Unfortunately, the difficulties don’t just end with them. Those who are romantically invested in someone with an addiction may also face a number of struggles.

This article will touch on some of these struggles, briefly exploring the perspective of both the addicted individual and their partners. This will help you develop some ideas on how to manage these difficulties with or without the help of drug detox San Diego.

Challenges that Emerge as a Result of Addiction

Addiction itself can be considered a type of relationship. Because of the intense nature of addiction, it often becomes the primary relationship for the person afflicted by it.

People who have serious physical addictions actually require drugs in order to function.

This means that even if they desire to prioritize their romantic relationships, they are nonetheless obligated to tend to their substance addiction first. Otherwise, they will be physically ill and unable to show up for their partner.

Aside from this, addiction can cause a number of problems that can put a strain on a partner. Here are a few examples.

Physical Issues

There are a number of physical issues that the partners of addicted individuals may struggle with. Addiction to certain drugs can compromise the health of the individual. This might mean that their partner has to take care of them when they are otherwise incapable of doing so.

Drugs can also cause withdrawal symptoms. When somebody is in withdrawal, they will be unable to perform their daily tasks and maybe quite sick. This can create challenges for those who are taking care of them if they are unwilling to attend drug detox.

Mental and Emotional Issues

People who struggle with addictions to drugs or alcohol often have emotional issues. The nature of drugs can cause people to become emotionally unpredictable. Mood swings and irritability are common, especially during withdrawal.

Drugs like opioids can also cause emotional blunting and apathy. These can be very difficult to cope within a relationship. It’s important to try to open up an authentic line of communication with your partner.


Personal Issues

Some serious drug users and addicts find the need to steal, cheat, or lie in order to find their addiction. These are all obvious markers of dishonesty that can create problems in a relationship.

If you’re dating someone who is dishonest it can be difficult to address the elephant in the room, especially if they’re unwilling to admit their wrongs.


Closing Thoughts

If you’re with a loved one who struggles with addiction it’s important to remain open and honest. Don’t try to be confrontational or aggressive when you communicate them. Speak with “I-statements,” and let your partner know that you are hurt and concerned about their well-being.

If you or a loved one are in a relationship with somebody who struggles with drug addiction, then you should prepare for some of the issues described in this article. While these issues aren’t insurmountable, they can create a number of obstacles.

If you and your partner are interested in improving your relationship, then you may want to reach out to some professionals. With the help of drug detox San Diego and a relationship counselor, many of these issues can be overcome.

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