PAWS Symptoms and Treatment

To understand PAWS (Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome), one first must understand the two phases of detoxification or withdrawal symptoms. Stage one of detoxification, acute withdrawal, is mainly physical withdrawal PAWS symptoms, lasting from a couple of days up to two weeks. Acute symptoms of withdrawal are … Read more

Challenges in Dating a Drug User

People who struggle with drug and alcohol addictions face a number of challenges in their daily life. Unfortunately, the difficulties don’t just end with them. Those who are romantically invested in someone with an addiction may also face a number of struggles. This article will … Read more

Can Alcohol Cause Depression?

Written by Nigel Ford Alcohol is most commonly used in our society to help promote sociability, but many people also use it to numb undesirable feelings. Lots of people use anxiety to help them manage anxiety, depression, and stress. What’s ironic about this is that … Read more

What is Cannabis Use Disorder and How Do I Overcome It?

Marijuana abuse is far more common than people realize and affects almost 4 million citizens of the United States of America each and every year. Cannabis use has increased significantly in the USA as it has become legal in more and more states. But as this decriminalization occurs, so does the incidence of cannabis use disorder increased. How do you identify if you have an issue with marijuana abuse and what is available for people with this disorder?