Is It An Addiction Or Just a Bad Habit?

When it comes to drug use, ideally, the best amount is none. However, not everybody who uses drugs has an addiction. Many people are able to maintain occasional, recreational substance use habits that don’t necessarily cross the boundary from ‘use’ into ‘addiction’ or even ‘abuse.’

However, for many, the line between recreational use and abuse is very thin. In this article, we will discuss some of the differences between drug addiction/abuse and recreational drug use. If you’re worried about you or a loved one’s substance abuse, check-in with one of the San Diego drug rehab centers.

What Is Recreational Drug Use?

Recreational drug use involves the occasional use of substances for recreational purposes.

For example, many people are able to engage in recreational alcohol consumption without developing a problem with alcohol abuse. If you like to go out for a few drinks on the weekend, know your limits, and don’t get into any problems because of your drinking, then you’re likely maintaining a recreational habit.

Here are a few indications that your drug use is recreational.

  • You are able to use substances without significantly impairing your behavior or cognition
  • You set limits on your substance use and stick with it
  • You have never had friends or family members comment about your substance use
  • Your substance use does not interfere with your work, school, or social life

However, remember that drug addictions almost always begin with recreational use. If you meet the above criteria, it’s important not to get too headstrong. Many people develop addictions simply because they believe that they have a handle on their substance use.

If you believe too strongly in your ability to avoid addiction, you may throw caution to the wind. In doing this, it becomes easy to lose sight of your substance use. Many people with drug addictions still believe that they are only casual, recreational users despite evidence to the contrary.

Signs of Addiction and Abuse

If you’re unsure of whether or not you’ve crossed the boundary from drug addiction to abuse, then you should pay attention to the following symptoms. These symptoms are all indications that your substance use is beginning to get out of your control.

If you catch these symptoms early on, then you’re in a position to save yourself from a world of hurt. Just remember that nobody is impervious to the effects of addiction, and even people who are highly composed with well-put-together lives can fall victim to addiction.

  • Your drug or alcohol use is beginning to affect your performance at work or school. You may struggle with performance issues or miss days due to hangovers.
  • You are beginning to develop a tolerance to substances and require higher doses than you once did.
  • Your friends or family are commenting on your drug use.
  • You have blacked out because of drug or alcohol use.
  • Drugs or alcohol have changed your behavior for the worse or made you act out in ways that you normally wouldn’t.
  • You are unable to set strict boundaries on your usage or find yourself using more than you said you would.

Conclusion – Managing Addiction

If you’ve checked off a few symptoms from the second section of this article, it’s not too late. If you’re unable to stop using drugs or alcohol on your own, you may want to reach out to one of the experts at San Diego drug rehab centers.

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