Risks of Getting Sober Without Rehab

Rehab can be a bit of a hurdle for someone who has never gone before. The time commitment involved, as well as the financial concerns, lead many people to decide to get sober without actually going to rehab.

While this is certainly possible, it can be quite a bit more difficult. One of the things that you’re paying for when you attend rehab is peace of mind, knowledge, and communication with people who specialize in addiction recovery.

If you are, however, determined to get sober without going to rehab, there are a few things to consider.

Safety and Health Concerns

The first and foremost thing that you will want to consider is your safety and health. The primary concern is that of withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawal symptoms can be unpleasant at best. At worst, they can be fatal. People who have been addicted to alcohol run the risk of having seizures and dying. Drugs like opioids may not lead to fatal withdrawal symptoms, but they can certainly cause severe illness.

Many people are unprepared for the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms that they experience. As such, they tend to relapse shortly after trying to get clean.

Rehab and medical detox can help you push through these withdrawal symptoms. If you are addicted to a GABAergic substance, like alcohol, it’s very important that you at least attend a medically supervised detox before trying to sober up.

Psychological Concerns

One of the main things that you’re paying for during rehab is psychological help. During rehab, counselors and therapists will help you identify the contributing factors that led to your addiction. They will also provide you with tools, knowledge, and techniques that you can utilize to help you work through your addiction.

If you’re a very introspective, reflective person who is prone to doing their own research and self-study of addiction and psychology, then this might not pose a problem. However, many people are not like this. These people would be more likely to relapse after attempting to go sober on their own.

Aftercare Concerns

Another important factor is that of aftercare. A good rehab will help connect you with resources that you can utilize after attending rehab. These resources will help you observe your progress and remain determined to stay sober.

Aftercare options include things like regular therapeutic checkups, group meetings like A.A. or N.A., and phone calls from the rehab center. While some of these things can be done without the help of rehab, it may not be easy for the recovering addict to remember aftercare on their own.


It’s entirely possible to stop using drugs without the help of rehab. However, it can be more difficult, and there are a number of physical and psychological concerns to be aware of.

If you think that you’re capable of doing enough research, sticking through your withdrawal symptoms without endangering yourself, and taking care of yourself after cleaning up, then don’t hesitate to give it a try. Otherwise, you should seek help from a rehab center as soon as possible.

Written by Nigel Ford

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