The Difficulties in Dating a Drug User

Drug addiction is difficult for everyone involved. The drug users themselves often struggle the most as their very lives may be in jeopardy. However, those who love and care about the struggling drug user are also affected. This is especially true for those who are romantically involved with an addicted partner.

This article explores some of the challenges associated with dating a drug user and offers some brief explanations on how to cope with these challenges to find balance in your relationship.

Challenges Associated With Dating a Drug User

There are a number of issues that you might face if your partner develops a drug addiction.

Emotional Unavailability

One of the biggest issues that you may face is emotional unavailability.

When someone becomes addicted to drugs, they are in essence forming a relationship with that substance. Unfortunately, because withdrawals and cravings can be so intense, they must often prioritize this relationship.

This is not necessarily due to them desiring to be negligent. In fact, they may prioritize picking up drugs because they know that they’ll otherwise be unable to function in the relationship. In either case, this can lead to emotional distance and unavailability.

Some drugs, especially painkillers, can also blunt a person’s emotions entirely. This can make it tough to connect and be vulnerable.

Erratic Moods

Some drugs may also lead to emotional instability. As your partner experiences the various highs and lows of their addiction, you may find that they become unpredictable and erratic.

One moment, when they’re high, they may be blindly euphoric, compassionate, attentive, and caring. When they begin to experience their comedown, they may be distant, irritable, aggressive, and confrontational.

This can be tough to cope with. However, it may help to remember that this is an effect of the drugs and not your partner themselves.

Trust Problems

If your partner develops a very serious addiction then you may experience some trust issues.

Your partner may decide to lie about the severity of their addiction, or they may tell you that they’re sober when they’re obviously intoxicated.

In serious cases, they may begin to cheat or steal from you in order to fund your addiction. These challenges can be very difficult to overcome. If you feel that your trust or safety are in jeopardy then it may be wisest to put some space between you and your partner.

However, it’s also important not to jump to conclusions. If your partner has always been unpredictable or has struggled with fluctuating moods, it can be unfair to accuse them of being intoxicated or of lying about it.


It can be a challenge to date someone who is struggling with drug addiction. Fortunately, understanding a bit more about addiction and the behaviors that it can cause may help you move forward.

If your partner is struggling with addiction and hoping to make a positive change, you may want to reach out to a San Diego addiction treatment center together. You can learn a lot about addiction and move peacefully forward in your life.

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