Where to Go if You Have a Drug Addiction

Deciding on Where to Go to Get Help

You have finally admitted to yourself that you have a problem. Family and friends are encouraging you to get help because you have drastically changed whether it be with deterioration of physical appearance or abrasive personality characteristics. The reality is that the best place to go is to a substance addiction rehabilitation center to go through the process of detoxification and mental therapy. This is considered a dual diagnosis where both your physical and mental addiction must be treated together to reinforce the benefits of the program you will complete.

Your first step is to call the family doctor you have been going to for a while. Your doctor can suggest a treatment center to go to as well as forward your medical paperwork needed for assessments by the center. If you have had earlier full assessments done over the past years, this may help the rehab center with setting benchmarks for your treatment goal.

But if you do not have a doctor, then the next best thing is to search the internet for the highest-ranked rehabilitation center in your area. Look for places that carry four to five stars from satisfied patients who have already received treatment. Make a list and then begin going through that list by calling for a consultation.

Most professional rehabilitation centers will first ask if you have personal health insurance or if you are under a workers’ compensation insurance plan. Make sure that if you are on workers’ compensation, your drug addiction treatment bills will take care of your stay at the center. Opioid prescription users who had workplace accidents find that they become addicted to their legal pain-reducing prescriptions and now must get help getting off those drugs.

If you are in San Diego, California, then Pacific Bay Recovery Center is your first choice to call for a free consultation appointment at 619-350-8220. Alternatively, you can go to the link above and fill out a form for a consultation and get a free e-book, Ten Secrets to a Successful Rehab Experience.

When you go for your consultation, always ask if you can take a quick look around at the facilities. These should be clean, have no offensive smells, and give you a feeling of wanting to stay there in comfort while you go through your treatment.

What to Ask the Counselor When at Your Consultation?

Ask what you can expect when you go in for your treatment. For drug addictions, most patients will need to go through a detox session where they cannot take their prescriptions or their illicit drug of choice. This may lead to withdrawal symptoms that require 24/7 medical supervision during the first stage. You will receive medical supervision and treatment to help get through your detox session and from there, you begin your mental health sessions with a counselor.

Other parts of your treatment may include (depending on your assessment) transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) therapy using cranial magnetic pulses, acupuncture sessions, cupping therapy, massage therapy, outdoor activities, and more. Exercise, swimming, and other activities are important for helping you to feel better and to cleanse your body by sweating out impurities still in your system. Such activities help to reinforce the concept of “getting free and clean” from drugs and achieving better health.

While the above content gives you a good idea of what questions you might ask, your counselor will provide more in-depth overviews of your situation. The final treatment program is based on the assessment you undergo before starting any treatment. Treatments are also customized to your specific case so that you will achieve the best outcome.

How to Help Yourself Achieve Success

You cannot achieve success if you approach the treatment program in a half-hearted way. It is an all-or-nothing situation where you need to save yourself and have a better life or continue with your old ways and lose beloved family members and friends. Pay attention to what your loved ones say to you and put yourself in their shoes looking back at you and how what you do negatively affects them in their life.

Avoid being difficult and cantankerous to people trying to help you during your treatment. Certainly, mention when you are in pain or suffering distress in your body and mind while going through treatment. If the situation is serious enough, you may need to go to the hospital for further medical help.

When you visit the rehab center, meet a few of the people you may be working with for your treatment. If you feel comfortable with how they connect with you, then you will feel comfortable with them while going through treatment.

Call Us if You Need Immediate Help

Pacific Bay Recovery can help you with any substance addiction and/or mental issues you might have so you can regain a happy and functional lifestyle again. Call us for a free consultation and to set up an appointment to start getting help as soon as possible. 619-350-8220.

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