6 Reasons to Stay Sober

When you first decide to sober up at a San Diego detox,   it can be easy enough to lose track of your goals. And, for those who are yet to make the commitment to sobriety, it can be hard to remember exactly why sobriety is a good choice.

There are plenty of reasons to choose sobriety over addiction. However, when a craving strikes down, it’s not always easy to remember these reasons. This article will list a few of the best reasons that you should stay sober.

1. Improved relationships

Drugs and alcohol might curb your anxiety. This produces the illusion of enhanced social skills. Even though this might make it easier for you to connect with people while you’re under the influence, these connections that you build will only serve you when you’re intoxicated.

It’s important that you build relationships and learn to be comfortable with people while you’re sober. Otherwise, you’ll be too anxious to pursue the relationships you began to build when you were using drugs or alcohol!

2. More money

Nobody’s going to deny that addiction is expensive. That means that one of the best things you can enjoy after getting sober is more money. If you managed to keep a job while you were addicted, you’ll get to experience the joys of spending money on things besides drugs and alcohol.

Not only will you save money, but society at large will, too. The cost of helping to manage addiction is very high, and taxpayers are footing some of this bill. Hospital bills, legal fees, and community damage are all costs that must be paid by someone.

3. Improved mental health

Drugs and alcohol can wreak havoc on your mental health. Not only can they cause emotional devastation and unpredictability, but they can also impair your cognitive abilities.

As you sober up, you’ll slowly be able to regain control of your mental processes. You can begin to restore your memory and start working on long-term solutions to any emotional or mental health problems.

4. More responsibility

It can be very hard for people with addictions to manage their responsibilities effectively. It’s all too easy to miss school, work, or other important deadlines due to withdrawal or other reasons. Once you’re sober, you’ll be better able to commit to things.

5. More opportunities

Chances are, you missed a few opportunities because of your addiction. Once you’re sober, you’ll be present and accounted for.

Should any unexpected opportunities arise, you’ll be able to seize them immediately. No longer will you have to spend hours or days making sure that you have enough drugs or alcohol to secure your ability to function.

6. More independence

Drugs and alcohol are a sort of companion, a crutch that keeps you company at all times. Addiction is a form of codependent relationship with a substance instead of a person.

Once you sober up and recognize this relationship for what it is, you can begin to develop your independence. Learning to tackle life head-on without the assistance of substances is very rewarding. In doing this, you’ll find the strength that you might not have known you had.


There are plenty of reasons for anybody to get sober. The ideas listed in this article are just a few starting points. If you’re interested in getting sober, don’t hesitate to reach out to a San Diego detox center. See what sort of treatments are available, and see how many reasons that you can come up with for ways to stay sober.

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