Finding New Hobbies During Recovery to Stay Busy and Avoid Relapse

You may already know that boredom is one of the leading causes of relapse. Boredom, along with emotional instability, stress, and dissatisfaction, can all make someone more likely to fall back into their addictive patterns. Even after finishing a San Diego drug and alcohol rehab treatment, many people … Read more

Relapse Prevention and Aftercare Planning

Aftercare Planning With Pacific Bay Recovery Pacific Bay Recovery places significant emphasis on relapse prevention. Each and every client receives weekly training tailored to their individual needs to ensure they possess the tools for long-term, addiction-free living. The goals of this cognitive-behavioral approach toward treating … Read more

4 Excellent Tips to prevent Alcohol Relapse

Recovery is a long journey and maintaining long-term sobriety takes effort, motivation, and self-control. Here are some highly effective relapse prevention tips that can keep you on your path of recovery. Know your triggers Relapse is part of recovery, and it is wise to accept … Read more

Common Signs of Relapse

If a loved one has just recovered from drug or alcohol abuse or addiction, it is important for you to be able to identify any signs of relapse so that you can help the person take corrective action right away. Here are the common relapse … Read more

The Relapse Prevention Plan

People who have a history of alcohol or drug addiction know that getting clean is tough, but staying sober tougher. Addiction affects 23 million Americans, and it costs society billions each year. Because returning to the addict way of life is a possibility, you should … Read more

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