Drinking to Cope With Stress

Alcohol use features prominently in the very fiber of our society. Whether celebrating events, winding down after a hard day at work, or using it as a social lubricant, alcohol is present. Alcohol is also a go-to coping tool for managing stress. Read on to … Read more

Risks of Alcohol Abuse

Having a few units of alcohol once in a while doesn’t leave anyone at a grave level of risk. However, having a little too much alcohol and turning it into a heavy drinking habit will have some lasting effects on your overall health. Alcohol is … Read more

Risk Factors for Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol abuse is an all-too-common problem in our society. Alcohol is ubiquitous – it can be purchased at stores across the nation, advertisements for alcohol are displayed everywhere, and the movies portray drinking as something desirable and entertaining. This might lead someone to think that … Read more

Can Alcohol Cause Depression?

Written by Nigel Ford Alcohol is most commonly used in our society to help promote sociability, but many people also use it to numb undesirable feelings. Lots of people use anxiety to help them manage anxiety, depression, and stress. What’s ironic about this is that … Read more

Alcohol Abuse in the United States on the Rise

A JAMA Psychiatry article that was published in September 2017 has shown that Americans are consuming more alcohol than ever before. An estimated one out of every eight Americans which equates to around 30 million people, struggle with an alcohol disorder. The study looked at … Read more

Can You Get Alcohol Withdrawal Treatment At Home?

A recent article on Foxnews.com explored just how dangerous attempting to deal with alcohol withdrawal at home without treatment can be. Alcohol addiction is a difficult illness to overcome, especially in people who can’t afford expensive long-term residential programs. However, going cold turkey without the proper medication can be deadly. Luckily there are alternatives but currently, there is a lack of understanding about the options for alcohol withdrawal treatment at home.

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