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Demi Lovato Hits Rock Bottom — Overdose Serves as a Wake-up Call


There is much work to be done and it will take a lot of courage, dedication and fierce resisting of temptations, while learning to recover from abusing drugs

Is it getting hot and saucy in here?  Time to turn up the heat at this party or cool it down to subzero?  Cocktails, slinky skirts, intellectual convos, and working with high-end elite, are what’s in the game.  However, it tends to be the things we don’t say, that could hurt us most.  When we hide behind life’s tremendous tribulations, drowning them with alcohol and drugs and wishing our burdens would magically diminish.  The latest Hollywood icon, Demi Lovato, a 25-year-old popstar, (singer, songwriter, and actress) opens our eyes to the reality of overdose!

Feeling invincible, experiencing fancy liquid courage and posh lifestyles, are all a part of glorifying celeb life.  Turning to a few drinks makes life easier to manage and keeps stress at bay. Drugs…. That is another beast to face and one Demi felt must have been her only solution.  What she wasn’t prepared to do was face rehab, the tumultuous road that lies ahead, towards a healthy journey and making positive decisions that will help her to heal.

Demi has been urged to check herself into a rehab facility after she leaves Cedars – Sinai hospital.  She has a laborious decision to make?  Heal or hurt and the choice is all hers!  Facing rumors, paparazzi, holding ceiling height standards and being in the limelight cannot be easy.  But, there won’t be any of that if she continues on this path.

R E H A B …. A scary word for some, comfort for others!  Perspective is everything when it comes to discussing your road to recovery!

There is much work to be done and it will take a lot of courage, dedication and fierce resisting of temptations while learning to recover from abusing drugs!

In the program, we want to make sure patients don’t “fall off the wagon” again.  At our facility, we strive to “Navigate successful care of life altering addiction.”

A healthy lifestyle starts from within; loving ourselves, healing the parts of our past, learning how and who to forgive, not continuously stuffing our backpacks, exercising self-care and learning to say NO (it is a complete sentence).  What we think and speak about, we bring about.  If we are facing chaos and disconnect, we tend to isolate and learn to numb our feelings.

Rehab MUST be our solution to a better life.  The key is to learn from compassionate experts (like the ones at Pacific Bay Recovery) who want to see you rehabilitate your mind and body.

Phrases are used, such as “Keep coming back and one day at a time” for motivation and to stay clean and sober.  Alcohol is cunning, baffling and powerful and drugs are 10x worse than that.  Our clinicians and social workers need to be reassured that all patients grow through our treatment program!

Selecting abstinence from drugs is grueling.  Changing your habits is difficult.  Owning your stuff and making shift occur, won’t be a walk in the park.

Places such as PBR are here to help, not hurt.  We offer several treatment services and powerful programs that will fit your recovery needs. While we do have an incredible success rate – we want you to feel safe and will answer any questions you have.  You can contact us for more details

We believe in your progress and will help you on the road to getting your life back.

The Diet of Substance Abuse and its Effect on Mental Health

It’s a well-known observation that substance abuse causes the diet to change. Whether it be a suppression of appetite, a hunger stimulant, or simply a difference in the types of foods being eaten. Different substances produce different results, but it can be deduced that nutrition is key in the healing and recovery from addiction, particularly in terms of restoring the damaged parts of the body. Let’s take a look into the effects of substance abuse, and specific benefits of nutrition in bringing about recovery.

Nutritional effects of substance abuse

A healthy person has a hard-working body. In theory, all processes are working well, and the body is able to remain free from toxins that would otherwise cause illness, lethargy or a general feeling of being unwell. In a substance-addicted person, their diet is significantly impacted due to Alcohol Addiction Center San Diegothe chemical changes that have taken place in the brain, affecting appetite and metabolism simultaneously.

A person whose diet has changed due to substance abuse may experience iron deficiency (which causes tiredness), hormone imbalances (which affect metabolism and mental health) and a reduction in the presence of antioxidants, meaning that toxins cannot be efficiently removed from the body. The resulting lack of energy in conjunction with the chemical changes present, can lead to depression and anxiety, amongst other mental health problems. It is also important to note that substance abusers often have mental health problems prior to developing a pattern of substance abuse, indicating a reciprocal connection between the two.

Nutrition and recovery from substance abuse

Nutrition is becoming a widely-recognised factor in the treatment and management of the damage caused by substance abuse. A focus on nutrition is highly significant, as it has been found to heal the parts of the body that have been damaged, regulate moods and reduce stress and anxiety, subdue cravings, treat medical conditions and promote a healthy lifestyle. Due to the chemical support to the brain that is caused by good nutrition, a person following this type of diet will find themselves sleeping better, which allows the cells time to remove toxins from the body and repair damage faster.

Nutrition and Mental Health

We’ve established the connection between substance abuse and nutrition, but there is an even more significant impact that is often overlooked. Nutrition has a huge impact on mental health, due to the chemical support it provides for the brain and other areas of the body. In order to function properly, our brains require several nutrients, which provide the building blocks upon which the brain can grow and develop. These include essential fatty acids, amino acids, complex carbohydrates and water. San Diego drug treatment center

The presence of certain fats, vitamins and minerals support basic processes in the body, such as the release of hormones. These hormones control everything, from mood to growth and development. Without giving your body the proper nutrition it needs, you risk an unbalanced foundation in the brain, which will upset hormone production and inhibit your brain’s ability to sense pleasure and reward. This will lead to an increased need for the substance, and without it, the user will experience mental imbalance.

In terms of nutrition, substance abuse and mental health, it is important to note three main things. Poor nutrition and substance abuse go hand-in-hand, both triggers of and triggered by poor mental health. The only way to reverse this damage is to adopt a nutritious lifestyle, allowing the body to rest and heal. The chemical deficiencies caused by poor nutrition are significant factors in the issue of mental health, and must be addressed if a person is to successfully rehabilitate from substance abuse and addiction.

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