Things to Discuss During Group Therapy for Addiction

Group therapy can be an important component of both inpatient and outpatient addiction recovery. Therapists are usually happy to guide these sessions. However, it can be helpful if you come prepared with an idea of what to discuss with your therapist.

If you put some thought into what you might discuss beforehand, you may be able to save some time that would otherwise be spent discovering topics that are beneficial for you. This article will help you by providing some ideas of topics that are helpful to discuss during group therapy during or after a San Diego detox.

Ideas to Discuss During Group Therapy

Here’s a quick list of a number of issues that are commonly discussed during group therapy. If some of these topics seem more relevant to your recovery, then it might be in your best interest to bring them up when you’re seeking help at a San Diego detox.

1. Family Dynamics

Family dynamics tend to play a huge role with people who struggle with addiction. Whether your parents have addicted themselves or if you lived in a sober but emotionally turbulent household as a child, your family dynamics can provide a lot of insight into your addiction.

2. Past Trauma

Many victims of addiction struggle with past trauma that has not been resolved. Unresolved trauma can leave psychological and emotional wounds that are difficult to carry. These wounds often manifest as drug abuse and addiction.

3. Triggers

One of the most important things to understand for relapse prevention is your triggers. Triggers are different factors that cause you to think about or crave substances. Triggers can vary: some are emotional, others are situational. Some people may find that they are triggered when they visit certain locations or watch movies that portray substance abuse.

4. Future Plans

Addiction recovery is a long process and it’s a good idea to set a future plan in motion. One of the best ways to do this is to discuss the future with your therapist. Discussing future plans with a group can be an important component of a San Diego detox because it allows you to bounce ideas off of other people who are interested in your recovery.

5. Coping Mechanisms

One of the most crucial components of your recovery will be the coping mechanisms that you develop. Coping mechanisms are psychological and emotional tools that you can use when you’re feeling triggered.

Substance abuse itself is a type of coping mechanism. That means that you’ll need to replace this coping mechanism with something healthier if you want to succeed on your path to recovery.


Group therapy is an important part of recovery for many people who participate in a  San Diego detox. Whether you’re recovering from serious drug addiction or a moderate alcohol abuse issue, group therapy can help you develop the skills that you need to stay sober.

If you’re interested in learning more, don’t hesitate to reach out to a local rehab company.

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