What Should a Person Consider When Choosing a Drug Treatment Program?

The Main Criteria for Consideration

When you decide you need to get help for your drug addiction, there are several questions to write down which are important to you. You will be seeing these people on a regular basis, especially if you are putting yourself into the center as an in-patient. If you have been addicted to certain drugs for a long time, it will take a long time to get completely free of any need to start taking those drugs again.

Getting free of your drug addiction is a commitment you must follow through, no matter what. Once you leave the center, you will still come in at scheduled times for follow-up consultations for some time after, depending on your own needs. Here is a sample list that might guide you in terms of what you look for in a drug program. Change the order around and add or subtract things you might prefer.

  1. The rehabilitation center is close to me so I can get there by car or public transportation,
  2. The center is clean, bright, promotes a soothing atmosphere, and the people I talk to, initially, make me feel comfortable and that they can be trustworthy,
  3. The rehabilitation center is licensed and accredited, and social media research shows high ratings from former users; ask the center for their success rate by percentage of all users,
  4. I can detox here (residential treatment) and stay for longer while I start my mental consultation,
  5. The center offers an exercise program, and the gym has plenty of room for its patients; there is also an outdoor running track,
  6. Even as an out-patient, I can still come here and do the exercise programs and use the gym,
  7. The price is right for my insurance and my deductible will not be too harsh,
  8. I do not have health insurance, but they have multiple loan plans which I can use,
  9. I tested some of their meals and they have good cooks here, providing nutritious food,
  10. They have a 24/7 rotation medically certified staff so there is always somebody available to work with me, especially during detox,
  11. The center has plenty of activities to engage my interests, such as music, art classes, and social get-togethers with other same-gender members of the center,
  12. I feel hopeful and positive about how I can finally get over my addiction and live a better life.

Doing Your Research on Drug Treatment Centers

Before making calls and certainly before you make a visit to any San Diego rehabilitation center, do your research using a spreadsheet to note down your preferences. Search online first to view the center online and view pictures of the rooms, the gym, dining room, staff pictures, and then read their blogs.

Next, find their social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram) and read what is posted there. Scroll through the posts and see how many react to posts. Check at the top for how many followers the account has. Make notes in your spreadsheet so you remember what you encountered.

Check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to see what rating BBB has given to the center. Check for any bad marks and complaints that may have been recorded for the center.

Check the California state government’s website for information on the center. At this point, you have gathered enough information to decide which centers you want to visit. Call and check to see if you need to make an appointment so you can talk with one of the counselors and be shown the facility.

When you speak with someone from the medical team or administration, get an idea of what they think you will need as a treatment, based on what you tell them about yourself and what your goal is in entering the rehabilitation center. Ask first about the detoxification part of treatment and what you can expect while going through it. Find out how the counselor works with you on what is happening with your mental thinking. Finally, question them about what happens if you have a relapse of your addiction and what the treatment center does for you.

Making the Selection to Where You Want to Have Treatment

After considering all the information you have gathered, you either have narrowed your selection down to two or you know by now which rehabilitation treatment center you want to use. If you have family members, they should also go with you on the day you sign up for treatment so they can see the center and speak themselves with the counselor.

Your family is an added support group for you as you detox from your drug addiction. While they may not be a part of the detox component of your treatment, you can have them meet with your counselor who treats your mental thinking treatment. There may be times you would like them to participate in discussions and other times where you prefer to speak privately with the counselor. This is all about you getting better.

Call Us When You Need Help

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