Is Drinking Alone a Sign of Alcoholism?

Having a beer or a glass of wine by yourself, in front of the TV isn’t alarming. For many people, it is a usual way to unwind after a long week. But for others, drinking alone is a sign of something bigger. Alcohol addiction is … Read more

Custom Addiction Treatment for Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare professionals often have demanding jobs and face great challenges at work. They are saving lives, after all. Most know when they need help with a substance abuse issue but often do not seek help. A common reason is the lack of specific treatment programs … Read more

Is Marijuana addictive?

Marijuana or weed is one of the most intriguing and controversial psychoactive drugs. After the legalization of weed in many US states, the marijuana menace has increased, simply because it is legal and many people are curious to try it. Marijuana is addictive and one … Read more

Genetics and Addiction

Addictions or substance abuse disorders are a diverse set of common, complex diseases that affect millions of people worldwide. The environmental factors that predispose to substance abuse are well known, but the question is whether genetics plays a role as well. It is becoming evident … Read more

Drug Rehabilitation with Pain management

There are many causes of chronic pain – injury, accident, or illness. One of the biggest healthcare crisis of our times is the opioid abuse crisis. Opioids are typically prescribed for severe and/or chronic pain, to which the patient ultimately develops tolerance and becomes addicted. … Read more

6 Tips to make Recovery Easier

For many people with addiction issues, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with daily triggers and pressures. These pressures can further trigger ineffective behaviors and responses, such as going back to the same substance and risking relapse. Here are some simple yet highly effective tips … Read more

7 Signs of addiction in your loved one

Looking after a loved one who is struggling with addiction is a difficult task. T can leave you overwhelmed and frustrated. The road to recovery is long and full of challenges and helping someone get there requires awareness, patience, and understanding. Here is a quick … Read more

Staying Sober During the Holidays

4 Tips for Staying Sober During the Holidays The holiday season can be challenging for a person who has only recently achieved sobriety. Even advertising includes alcohol with meals at family gatherings. Your own family could be serving alcohol at the feast. Here are a … Read more

How Long is Rehab?

There are several treatment options to choose from based on your specific abuse disorder and needs. The typical length of rehab programs are: 30, 60 and 90 days. There are extended programs as well, such as sober living facilities or halfway houses. The most important … Read more

How long does heroin detox take?

One of the toughest addictions to overcome is heroin addiction. Heroin is a powerful opioid that rapidly enters the brain upon consumption. It creates a pleasurable “rush” that the individual becomes dependent upon. Eventually, the user’s body starts needing larger amounts to feel good. This … Read more

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